for only if i had digatal

I wish I could just show you what I had to show,

but als my skaner is shot *snif*

I just thought that I would introduce myself and promis to put some sort of hanins pic up soon.
My name is katie I'm 21 and that about it I guess.
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I'm Really New To This...

I'm stuck on this island (Diego Garcia) and I can't find anything sharper then a steak knife.'s funny when I think about it seriously...I've only scratched the surface...the furthest I've gotten is trying to etch, "I Hate" in my skin...because I can't pick..exactly what I hate, there's so much...that means so much...that I can't choose...I'll work on it more later, it's surprisingly very relieving... I can't drink anymore so this is what I do...I try and try to call attention to myself...I make it apparent that these are intentional marks but no one seems to care. Maybe I'll be brave enough one day to make a mark that they can't ignore...I've healed some...I know, I'm not as hardcore yet as some of ya'll...but I don't really have much to work with. I can't wait to get out of here. I can't...I hate this place, I hate this life. I hate myself for being so pathetic.
This picture sux...I know.
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(no subject)

okay, this community is for people to post pictures of their self injuries. including scars, cuts burns, scratches, basically, whatever.

you are alos allowed to post texty messages, but this is generally a picture community.

if you wish to post poetry or drawings please do so behind a cut.

other than that enjoy.